About us

“Products made in Tyrol with organic quality ingredients from Tyrol”

...this is the principle of henri & ida, which combines regionality and sustainability. Both are lived out with heart and soul at henri & ida. This starts with the raw materials used in production and ends with the unbleached recycled paper on which the product labels are printed. A quickly prepared meal does not automatically have to be unhealthy, on the contrary, the henri & ida products enable healthy, wholesome and sustainable food in organic quality despite the fast-paced everyday life.

Our partners

Our responsibility

We do our best to produce as resource-friendly as possible, in the interests of our environment and future generations.

organic - our raw materials are certified with the Bio Austria seal

regional – our raw materials grow on Tyrolean soil, we only obtain salt and rapeseed oil from neighboring regions at the moment

plant-based – our products are purely plant-based out of conviction, because animal agriculture is one of the major drivers of climate change

All our products are available in glass and we are currently working on a deposit system.

Who we are


At the beginning of the 20th century, two people set out to start a new life. They wanted to realise their ideas of a life close to nature. In search of a place where they could lead a free life, they found a place in Ticino, above Ascona. The two were called Ida Hofmann and Henri Oedekoven.

What happened over a hundred years ago anticipated many of today's attempts at an alternative, sustainable ways of life. They wanted to get away from their fast-paced lives back to nature. They were averse to the unhealthy ways of life in the cities and to excess. They wanted to counteract industrialisation and the associated destruction of nature.

Henri and Ida are our namesakes because they showed us what is important back then. Today it is more important than ever to take care of our environment and our health. At henri & ida we have made that our mission.